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A.S.D. Sicilia Adventure is waiting for you to discover the most beautiful and unspoiled places in Sicily, with activities such as trekking, canyoning, caving and more, under the watchful eye of expert guides who will make your experience in contact with nature unique and personalized.

For guests of Etna Sunrise b&b dedicated rates and pick-up directly at the facility.

Since 1966 Funivia dell'Etna, unique on the southern slope, has been taking volcano lovers up to the summit crater zones. The excursion involves the use of gondolas up to an altitude of 2,500 m and special all-terrain vehicles that ascend to the altitudes permitted by current ordinances.

Guests of Etna Sunrise b&b will be given a coupon entitling them to a free drink at the arrival station at 2500 m.