Active Sicily

Etna Sunrise b&b joins quality label Active Sicily and is therefore ideal for those who, even on vacation, like to stay active. Therefore we will know how to offer you:

-informationabout the area and sports activities that can be practiced in our area;

-conventions with instructors and the nearest sports centers;

-recognition of specialty stores for your sports purchases;

-Healthy, wholesome breakfasts, calibrated to your athletic needs and served at flexible times (just let us know the day before).

We are able to guarantee you, at an additional cost:

-A quick laundry service for your technical clothing;

-the assistance of a contracted physician and the availability of a physical therapist or massage therapist.

Trek bed

Etna Sunrise b&b is also a trek bed for those who enjoy hiking or trekking. We will provide a dedicated space for you to dry your shoes, boots and wet clothing and will be able to advise you on the trail or experience that best suits your desire for adventure.

We will also be able to lend you (by reservation):

-Telescopic trekking poles;



-k-way (in case of sudden rain).

We are able to provide you with the following services (by reservation and for a fee):

-accompaniment and/or experienced hiking guide;

-recovery at the end of a hike;

-luggage transport.

Bike bed

If you love to go on vacation by bike, our facility offers the specific services of a bike hotel.

So with us you will find:

-Bicycle racks;

-a comfortable, equipped and safe space for the shelter and maintenance of your bicycle;

-information about the area and nearest routes;

-A quick laundry service for your technical clothing;

-The availability of escort service and/or experienced bicycle guide;

-the service of luggage transport, and in case of need, bicycle recovery service.